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Note: Part time childcare is less than 130 hours per month, or 32 hours per week

This is the Family Fee Rate set out by the California Department of Social Services

Child Care Assistance in California


Child care subsidy arrangements in California aim to support low-income families with the cost of child care services, enabling parents to work or attend school while ensuring the well-being and development of their children. These subsidies are typically provided through the California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP) and the CalWORKs Stage 2 and 3 Child Care Programs.

The California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP) is designed to assist families not eligible for the CalWORKs program. It offers subsidies to qualifying families based on their income level and family size. Parents can choose a licensed child care provider of their preference, which can include family child care homes or child care centers that meet state requirements. The program subsidizes a portion of the child care costs, with the remaining amount typically covered by parents on a sliding scale, depending on their income.

To access these child care subsidies in California, parents or caregivers must apply through their local county welfare department. The application process involves verifying income, household size, and employment or education status.

Child Care Family Fee in California

the Child Care Family Fee in California is a monthly fee that some families may be required to pay to access subsidized child care services through the California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP) and the CalWORKs Stage 2 Child Care Program. The fee is determined based on the family's income, family size, and the number of children receiving subsidized care.